CCTV Installation at Mombasa

This project was done for a local business premise in Mombasa to enhance security of the business by making monitoring easy.

After assessing the requirements of the business, we installed CCTV Cameras to cover all the necessary angles.

The CCTV system is high resolution and and is connected to a monitor in the control room. The security personnel or the owner of the business therefore monitor all the events in realtime.

The system is also complemented by a large storage disk in terabyte range to provide persistence of the footage for as long as possible.

If required, the systems also have a live streaming feature. With this live stream feature, you don’t have to be present at your control room. All the events are routed to your smartphone or PC wherever you are to allow you a live view of your business premise.

This is very important if you are constantly moving.

Other than securing the business, the CCTV system also gives you at-a-glance status of how your employees are working. You can therefore track performance and be able to take the necessary steps.

Do not hesitate to contact us when you need such a system to be installed in your home of business premises too.

CCTV Camera installation in mombasa

CCTV Installation at Mombasa

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