Enhancing Security for Jitegemee Sacco in Mombasa

We worked with Jitegemee Sacco to enhance their security by installing top of the line IP cameras.


An Internet Protocol camera (IP Camera) is a digital video camera that captures footages and streams through the internet. They have an advantage over analog type of cameras because they don’t need a local storage at times but only need a local area network.

The Assessment

We maped the area that was to be covered among other critical details. This initial assessment allowed us to establish the optimal number of cameras required for the premises.

Installation of the CCTV Cameras

At the core of all the work we do is a principle; to uphold workmanship. We give so much attention to detail and make sure that each component of the CCTV system is perfectly fitted.

Workmanship - Installing CCTV Cameras in Mombasa

Attention to Detail - Installing CCTV Cameras in Mombasa

The Results

The IP Camera - Installing CCTV Cameras in Mombasa

The Connection

Strategically placed camera


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