Installing CCTV at Bamburi - 4 Channel System

A 4 channel CCTV system suports up to four cameras and is perfect for small areas to be covered.

Installing PTZ CCTV Cameras at St Immaculate Catholic Church Kwale

The St Immaculate Catholic Church is in Kwale County and covers more than 40,000 square meters of land.

Enhancing Security for Jitegemee Sacco in Mombasa

We worked with Jitegemee Sacco to enhance their security by installing top of the line IP cameras.

Installation of CCTV at Kiembeni Mombasa

Perfect CCTV camera installation for maximum coverage of the room. Open to see more about the site.

Mtwapa Site CCTV Camera Installation

We went out of our way to ensure the Mtwapa site got the best CCTV camera system to fit its monitoring and security needs.

CCTV Installation at Mombasa

This project was done for a local business premise in Mombasa to enhance security of the business by making monitoring easy.